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We Show You the Winners (Week Ten)

18 January 2021




Twenty six GET LUCKY LOCAL players won three FREE tickets in last Saturday’s big Richmond Borough community lottery draw. One player, who supports Hampton Wick Royal Cricket Club, won a cash prize of £25.

 Three more GOOD CAUSES have signed up to the community lottery making 49 and seven organisations are selling 50 or more tickets every week.

 Any group or charity selling 100 tickets a week stands to make £2600 a year, which can make a big difference to all those organisations struggling to raise funds during the pandemic.

 A wide range of community groups were represented by the winning players on Saturday including Friends of Strathmore School, Hearts of Teddlothian FC, Teddington Hockey Club, Hampton Hill Theatre, Skylarks charity, Hampton Hill Cricket Club, The Horse Rangers Association, Teddington Cricket Club, The Wild Mind project, Hampton and Richmond Borough Youth FC, Christmas Day Richmond and Sheddington

 If you are a local GOOD CAUSE in the Richmond Borough check out how easy it is to sign up to your community lottery and benefit directly by encouraging your supporters to play GET LUCKY LOCAL.

 To learn more go to


Our causes are on track to raise £21,590.40 this year

12.74% Complete

692 tickets of our 5,430 ticket goal

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Our causes are on track to raise £21,590.40 this year

12.74% Complete

692 tickets of our 5,430 ticket goal